How About a European Road Trip to Accompany Your New Mercedes-Benz Purchase or Lease?

We can’t think of a better vacation than picking up a new Mercedes-Benz at the factory and then driving around Europe at our leisure.

Imagine spending the night in a luxurious hotel in Stuttgart. After breakfast, you arrive at the Mercedes-Benz factory and take a tour to see how the cars come together with the careful work of skilled technicians and impressive robots. You then get to meet your own new car at the Delivery Center and get familiar with all of its features. After a complimentary lunch you visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum to understand the full history of the innovative automaker.

The rest of Germany beckons, so you set off to explore cities both ancient and cutting-edge. You can venture into Switzerland or France or Spain. All of Europe is available for exploration and discovery.

The logistics are all handled for you- all you have to do is drop off your new car at a designated location at the end of the trip. It will be shipped safely to our showroom in Calabasas. Please be in touch with us to learn more about this spectacular opportunity and everything that’s included in the program.

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