Classic Car Stories with Mercedes-Benz and Amy Shore

What a dream job! Amy Shore has quite a talent for depicting the close connections people have with their cars. Shore is driven by stories, and does a wonderful job rendering them as images.

People love a good story. The story of the car’s longest drive, or who it transports each day. The story of how and why a specific car was designed, or how its AMG engine was handcrafted. It’s the people behind the cars who are steering the stories in one direction or another.

The Mercedes-Benz 230 SL Pagoda in this video is a wonderful example. To loosely quote John Donne, no car is an island. Mercedes-Benz perceived a need, so its team of engineers, designers, and technicians satisfied it. The brand created the 230 SL to replace the less-than-thrilling, entry-level 190 SL and the too-expensive-for-many 300 SL. The 230 SL was part of the W 113 range, which was the first series of sports cars to feature a safety body.

The 230 SL was driven by a need for balance between sport, comfort, and cost, while providing superior safety. Mercedes-Benz always anticipates driver needs and desires- today, this manifests as innovative driver assistance technology and unique driver-vehicle connectivity through features like Mercedes me.

Click on the right side of the photo to see a few more fantastic shots. (Photographer Andre Josselin snapped the last couple pictures of Amy Shore.)


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