The Future is Now: the Mercedes-Benz E-Class

We touched on Mercedes-Benz of past and future in our last post, but we can't forget the amazing technology that powers current Mercedes-Benz models. The E-Class sedan is a stunning car that shows us the current foundation of fully autonomous vehicles and their potentially life-saving features.

With DRIVE PILOT adaptive cruise control, the E-Class sedan can help you stay in the lanes on the highway. Evasive steering assist and collision mitigation can help you and others stay safe on the roads, and the E-Class can even protect your hearing from an imminent loud collision.

With Car-to-X technology, your E-Class Mercedes-Benz can communicate with other Mercedes-Benz cars to share warnings of hazardous conditions or road closures. Outfitted with numerous cameras and sensors, the E-Class can even parallel park for you.

We're well on our way to autonomous vehicles sharing our roads, and we are glad that Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront in these developments. To check out the futuristic features of the new E-Class Mercedes-Benz in Calabasas, please be in touch with us today!

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