The Valley's Mercedes-Benz Lease Return Specialists of Calabasas - Bring Us Your BMW, Lexus and More!

Simple! Quick! & Easy!

Are you nearing the end of your lease?

Our Lease Return Experts make returning your leased vehicle effortless.

We Welcome All Brands! Not just Mercedes-Benz.

Just because you don't drive a Mercedes-Benz, it's never too late! Come to Mercedes-Benz of Calabasas for first-class assistance to conclude your existing lease - no matter the brand of vehicle.

Our lease specialists welcome all makes and models - regardless of your lease. Bring us your Porsche, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Jaguar and you'll find that exchanging your old keys for something new can be totally smooth and effortless. Contact a Leasing Expert at 877-267-6471. Ask for our Lease Retention Dept. 

First Class Finish®

Are you ending your lease early? Regardless of where you bought your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you will receive a First Class Finish® with us, your Authorized lease return center.

Want to turn in your car and walk away? We can do that. Want to terminate your lease early? Want a bridge lease while waiting for an upcoming new new model? We can help with that, too. Tell us what you need. We're ready to help-across Los Angeles and beyond. Cruise effortlessly through the First Class Finish® Lease-end process with a Leasing Specialist at-the-ready to assist you.

We Make it Easy

Did you finance with Mercedes-Benz? If not, you definitely should consult with a Leasing Specialist.

With a wealth of experience to help guide you through the process, we can help uncover potential pitfalls with your current agreement. Our leasing experts are excellent at finding ways to save you money.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I'm at the end of my lease, where do I start?

A: When your lease ends, the excitment begins! Reaching out to our experienced lease specialists is the first step in ensuring that you avoid frustration and save time in your decision. There are a variety of options available available to you and we look forward to helping you with your needs!

Q: I'm nearing the end of my lease but I don't drive a Mercedes-Benz. Can I return it to your Full-Service Leasing and Lease Return Center?

A: Absolulely. Our Lease Return Specialists will make your process effortless and transparent.  If you're looking to purchase or lease a Mercedes-Benz, we can handle your entire lease return process- even if the lease you're in  is not a Mercedes-Benz. Our Leasing Specialists will help you by identifying all of your options.

Q: I want a vehicle that is isn't released yet. My lease is ending before it comes out, is there anything you can do?

A: We can offer a bridge lease to help you solve this situation. Ask one of our experts to find a solutions that can help bridge that gap.

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